Welcome to therealjodiemarsh.com, a site set up to expose the truth about Britain's least favourite 'glamour' model, Jodie Marsh.  This site is still a 'work in progress' but it is worth pointing out that there is no claim here that is not backed up with evidence - mainly from Jodie's own words.  All the Jodie-quotes come from her blog (www.jodiemarsh.tv) unless otherwise stated.
Why Jodie?  It's a good question, I have never met her, and her behaviour has no impact on my life.   Despite this, I have developed a sort of horrified fascination with her, and a profound dislike.  This is unusual for me, I am not, as a rule, prone to strong feelings about people I don't know and I am, by nature, pretty tolerant and unshockable.  So, when I found myself developing such a powerful antipathy, it gave me pause.  Where did it come from?
I think there are actually a number of reasons for why I feel the way I do.  Firstly, I get to see much more of Jodie's life than I do of any other minor celebrity.  Bar Italia Her long, intimate daily blogs paint a vivid picture of her world - what she eats, where she goes, how she thinks - seemingly no detail is too small, or too private, to be shared.  Jodie lays herself bare (literally and metaphorically) for the world to gawp at, and there is certainly plenty to see.
The blog reveals her as a spoilt, shallow, selfish caricature of a woman.  She is extraordinarily self-obsessed but apparently without a shred of self awareness.  Breathtakingly hypocritical and with an undeserved sense of entitlement, her blogs are filled with half-truths, exaggerations and bare faced lies.  On top of this she is prone to astonishingly vicious attacks on people who cross her, however slight the affront.  She claims to do vast amounts for 'charity' but, it can be argued that nobody benefits more from her charity work than she does herself.  It is almost impossible to follow her blogging for more than a short while, without coming to the conclusion that she is a very nasty piece of work indeed.  In fact, Marsh is, uniquely, a celebrity who has a large, well-organised and flourishing online community, dedicated to exposing her lies, contradictions and hypocrisy.  They even have their own name (Mushers) and terminology.  Many celebrities have fan clubs, but only Jodie Marsh has an anti-fan club.  This, in itself, is very telling.
My final reason for wanting to do this project is not so much about Jodie herself, it is more to do with what she represents.  We are living in a time when 'being famous', just for its own sake, is seen as a legitimate ambition by many teenage girls.  Fame, not as a by-product of talent, but as an end in itself.  I find it alarming that any young woman would look at Jodie and aspire to her life.  In order to get, and stay, famous, she has had to abandon her dignity and much of her self-respect; those column inches have a high price and playing the tabloid game is far from fun.  It's soul-destroying, and no amount of money can compensate for that. 
Jodie Marsh presents herself as a successful woman with a charmed life.  "Envy me" she seems to say, "Look at how great I am".  But in truth, it looks like a pretty empty and meaningless existence, reeking of desperation and insecurity.  A national laughing stock spinning more and more out of control, all rictus grin and silently screaming eyes.
So, let's have a proper look.  Let's lift the lid on the real life of Jodie Marsh, and then see how many young girls still think she's 'living the dream'.
And Jodie, if you're reading, this is karma.
Niki Shisler February 2007